"I plan to work harder and harder in my academics in order to achieve my dream of becoming a doctor." 

Regina is the first educated girl in her family. A seventeen year-old, she is a Form 3 student at Hekima Girls' Secondary School in Bukoba, Tanzania. She has been a SHARE Scholar for three years with "much gratitude and a lot of joy."


"I express my sincere gratitude to my sponsor and the whole SHARE family for making me be whom I am supposed to be. I promise I will stay determined! Thank you!"

Regina is now a graduate of the SHARE Scholars program. Congratulations, Regina! 

Regina describes her parents as "peasants" of "low income and economic status" who are "not able to afford" her school fees. Her mother was a child bride and has four children. "Due to the belief that girls are not to supposed to be taken seriously at school, many of the African girls find it difficult getting formal education and instead they are sent to marriage," Regina explains.


Despite her impoverished background, Regina excels academically and is ranked #1 out of 96 students! She is proud of her 86% average, which is considered a grade A. Regina is studying Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, to become an engineer.


Regina writes: 

"I thank God that I am one of the girls who has managed to join the Ordinary level. I would never have been the way I am without enthusiastic cooperation from SHARE. It has been a very great and hope-giving thing. Due to scholarships from SHARE, I now believe that I can make it, because otherwise I would drop out of school due to lack of fees."