Our Work

In many African countries, boys are encouraged to study or play after school, while girls are expected to perform household chores. Just 5% of Tanzanian females finish high school. For those that do attend school, supplies are limited and books are scarce.

SHARE in Africa is working to change all that. SHARE has provided thousands of African girls with books, new desks, desperately needed school supplies, study programs and access to advanced education. These girls are overcoming prejudice, gaining skills, and working toward brighter futures.

Now, our main focus is providing scholarships so girls can attend high school. We know there is no limit to what a girl can do with a quality education. Our motto: “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.”

Rebuilding Hekima

Hekima Girls Secondary School in Tanzania suffered an earthquake on September 10, 2016.

Raising Awareness

One of SHARE's core missions is to create a higher level of awareness for girls' education in Sub-Saharan Africa. Team SHARE has made over 100 presentations, and numerous radio and television interviews. Our founder, Shannon McNamara has been an invited guest speaker in Tanzania, Ireland, and across the United States, including the White House and the United Nations.


SHARE Scholars

This program has one goal: to send girls to school. SHARE helps brilliant girls who have big dreams but do not have the opportunity to get a education.

Light for Learning

SHARE launched the LIGHT FOR LEARNING fundraising campaign to raise funds to bring electricity to our SHARE rooms.

Three SHARE libraries that were dark and gloomy are now bright and useful in the evenings and through the long rainy season thanks to the successful Light for Learning fundraising campaign.


Keep Girls Safe

Frightened by the growing number of attacks on girls’ education around the world, SHARE created the Keep Girls Safe program. Our long term goal was to create a safe learning environment for both our students and staff.

SHARE donors funded multiple initiatives to strengthen school security which included:

  • Constructing a fence surrounding the entire campus
  • Rebuilding dormitory doors
  • Increasing the number of school security guards
  • Renovating non-functioning restrooms
  • Educating the community on security issues

Anita, a student worried about the 200 Nigerian school girls who were abducted, said, "The new fence along the school makes us safe and have the ability for us to study in peace. We can concentrate more on our studies knowing we are safe."