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SHARE donated Beanie Babies (stuffed toys) to the Itahwa Buresha Nursery School in Tanzania. This nursery school is mostly made up of orphans being taken care of by neighbors and extended family. The children here are the smallest in a special soy feeding study, and the school does not even require uniforms because the caretakers cannot afford them. This donation is considered so precious that the headmaster keeps the beanie babies locked up at the school. 

Khan Academy provides a free collection of 4,000+ video tutorials in mathematics, physics, computer science, etc. The videos provide “a free world class education for anyone anywhere.” 


SHARE successfully brought the Khan Academy to Hekima Girls' Secondary School in the summer of 2012. SHARE first introduced the videos to the staff at Hekima (pictured). 


These videos are an excellent learning tool in many academic areas. In particular, exposure to Khan Academy science and math video lessons will help the girls improve their exam scores in these subjects.

Furniture for classrooms, dormitories, and community centers

Thanks to the support of donors like you, SHARE has supplied tables and chairs to seat 1000 students in SHARE's Capps Centre, bunk beds in the new dormitory, and desks in numerous Tanzanian school classrooms.



Thanks to Ridge High School student Prateek Gupta for organizing a successful cell phone collection to benefit SHARE!