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News 12 broadcast on girls' education in Tanzania

Thanks to News 12 for broadcasting SHARE in Spotlight NJ. It was a wonderful sendoff for Team SHARE as they left for their 6th trip to Tanzania! 

Shannon McNamara at Operation Smile Youth Leadership Conference

SHARE was honored to be invited to speak at the 2014 Youth Leadership Conference in Limerick, Ireland! What an inspiring event, and what a fantastic audience of young leaders!

In February 2014, Rice University student Kenneth Misner and his fellow classmates were presented with the Gumball Challenge in their business class. The project spurred them to organize an on-campus car wash, the proceeds of which were donated to SHARE in Africa. We can't wait to see what these entrepreneurs come up with in the future! 

SHARE is so lucky to have its DeSales University SHARE Chapter! In 2014, the club received the annual Reverend James Finnegan Community Service Award for Outstanding Organization as a testament to all the hard work they have done for both SHARE and the community. 

The DeSales University SHARE Chapter was given the Reverend James Finnegan Community Service Award for Outstanding Organization, an award bestowed annually to a DeSales-run club that is committed to giving back to the community through time and acts of kindness. 

SHARE Chapter at Rice University

In November 2013, the SHARE chapter at Rice University hosted a SHARE A Day event, 24 hours during which Rice University students experienced the daily life of a student in Tanzania. 

Activities included:

-Camp out in central quad in tents provided by ROPE

- Wake up at 4:50 AM 

- Watch the documentary Half the Sky

- Basket weaving

- Paper-bead necklace crafting

- Mancala challenge

- Walk the outer loop