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"Shannon Hill McNamara" "Rice University" "Community service award"

This Alan Grob Prize was awarded to SHARE's founder, Shannon McNamara for her service to the larger community, and demonstrated devotion to the needs and interests of the economically and culturally disadvantaged.

John Bayeux receiving the SHARE YMCA Volunteer of the Year Award 2014

SHARE is proud to name John Bayeux as its volunteer of the year for 2014! The co-founder and president of the SHARE at Desales University has taken tremendous steps towards promoting awareness about female education and empowerment in Tanzania. We are so glad to have John on our team! 

Ridge High School held its first annual Women’s Leadership Summit, featuring SHARE's founder and a collection of other empowered, intelligent and hardworking female speakers. To help fundraise and raise awareness about SHARE, the Ridge chapter put together and sold homemade mason jars filled with ingredients to make double chocolate chip cookies. The day before, ten members of the club gathered at the president, Reagan Asay's house and spent three hours putting ingredients into 60 mason jars with homemade tags and hand-twirled ribbon.

One generous couple made a $500 donation to SHARE in lieu of wedding favors, to make a positive difference in two young women's lives together!