Volunteers around the world donate books to "SHARE in Africa" with the goal of improving girls education in Tanzania

Thousands of SHARE volunteers in American have helped collect, sort, label, and box donated children’s books and school supplies for the SHARE libraries.  As news of SHARE spreads, volunteers aroun

"SHARE in Africa" built its first library for girls education in Kiteyagwa, Tanzania

Opened in July 2008, this is SHARE’s inaugural library.  SHARE completely renovated a dilapidated classroom to house the library and the SHARE program. 

"SHARE in Africa" helped create the first library at Kagemu School in Tanzania to aid girls education

Kagemu Secondary School in Tanzania has 900 students and teachers, but before SHARE, there was no school library!  In July 2009, SHARE renovated a classroom and equipped it with thousands of books

Kangabusharo Primary School holds one of "SHARE in Africa" 's libraries to further girls education

In 2009, SHARE renovated of one of the dilapidated classrooms and transformed it into a

Hekima SHARE Library

SHARE transformed a room that was being used as a grainery into a state-of-the-art library for the Hekima Girls' Secondary School.  There are 460 students, and approximately 15 staff members and te

Zanzibar Library

SHARE in Africa has donated science books and school supplies to the school library at the Kajificheni Primary School in Zanzibar in 2009 and 2010.  Farashuu H.

"SHARE in Africa" has donated school supplies to the new library in Malawi

SHARE has donated hundreds of children's books and school supplies in recent years to the new library at a feeding center in Malawi.

Thanks to Nate Berkus for launching SHARE's pilot electronic reader initiative by donating 10 brand-new SONY E-Readers!

Teen Ink

Teen Ink "SHARE in Africa" February 2010

Team SHARE traveled to Tanzania for the fifth time in summer 2012, and the trip was a huge success!

Smoke detectors were donated to Hekima Girls' Secondary School in Tanzania in memory of Jim Farley, who was a volunteer firefighter, SHARE supporter, friend, and wonderful human being!

In 2011, SHARE built a spacious new dining hall, capable of seating up to 1,000 people, at Hekima Girls School in Bukoba, Tanzania.

Khan Academy provides a free collection of 4,000+ video tutorials in mathematics, physics, computer science, etc. The videos provide “a free world class education for anyone anywhere.” 

SHARE donated Beanie Babies (stuffed toys) to the Itahwa Buresha Nursery School in Tanzania. This nursery school is mostly made up of orphans being taken care of by neighbors and extended family.

Tanzanian girls for SHARE in Africa and girls' education

Thanks to the Somerset Hills YMCA in Basking Ridge, New Jersey for inviting SHARE to participate in their summer teen volunteer program.

Shannon McNamara at Operation Smile Youth Leadership Conference

SHARE was honored to be invited to speak at the 2014 Youth Leadership Conference in Limerick, Ireland! What an inspiring event, and what a fantastic audience of young leaders!

The SHARE girls were so grateful for the 10 laptop computers we delivered in August!  Special shout out to Meg Robbins for securing this donation from Kent Place School in New Jersey.

Medical Supplies for School Infirmary

When girls are healthy and educated, they can create a brighter future for themselves and everyone around them!  

"Oprah Winfrey"  "Shannon Hill McNamara"

Cheers to Oprah Winfrey for helping spread awareness for girls' education in Africa.  SHARE's founder was interviewed on Oprah Radio and SHARE's work was published on the Oprah’s Angel Network.